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NCR is the center of the debate about cooperative enterprises in the Netherlands. It’s also the place where inspiration takes place and where cooperatives meet and learn from each other. Strong supporter of the cooperative model, NCR believes in its benefits and operates on behalf of its members through professional development activities and awareness, particularly among stakeholders. Thus, it strengthens the cooperative identity and provides the necessary preparation to seize opportunities and overcome the challenges ahead. NCR is a member of Cogeca, the General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives in the European Union, and of Cooperatives Europe; the European region of ICA. NCR is one of the founders of Agriterra which provides expert advice to farmer organisations and cooperatives in developing economies.

Dutch Cooperative Top 100

In 2021 NCR presented the Top 100 Dutch cooperatives and mutuals (text in Dutch) ranked by turnover in 2019. The list includes the name of the cooperative or mutual, the economic sector, the number of FTE and the number of members. The 100 cooperatives together had a turnover of € 123 billion, employed 149,000 persons and are owned by 32 million members (includes double counts). Main sectors are agriculture and insurance. Useful insights on Dutch agricultural cooperatives can be found in the country report for The Netherlands in this study for the European Commission: Support for Farmers’ Cooperatives.

Code for Cooperatives 2019

The NCR Code for Cooperatives was thoroughly revised in 2019 with the aim of making a contribution to improving the level of cooperative entrepreneurship, member involvement and the collective ethos. This is why the Code does not have an extensive check-list of dos and don’ts, but is based on principles. This is in line with the current social views on such codes. The 2019 Code envisages stimulating dialogue, both between cooperatives and within individual cooperatives.

Click the cover below to download the Code for Cooperatives 2019

Dutch Cooperative Landscape

NCR made a video detailing the Dutch Cooperative Landscape. Click the link below to watch it.


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